Q: What insurances do we accept?

A: We accept all types of PPO insurances and are considered in-network with all the insurances. We also accept MEDICAID for both kids and adults.

Q: I have insurance, so why is there an expected out-of-pocket expense for my recommended treatment?

A: Dental insurance is meant to offset the cost of treatment, not pay for it entirely. Most dental insurance covers 80% to 100% of preventative visits, up to 80% of restorative, and up to 50% of major work. When treatment is recommended by your dentist, we make every effort to anticipate your out-of-pocket costs as closely as possible. With hundreds of different insurance companies and thousands of individual plans, it is impossible for us to know every patient’s coverage. The final decison on coverage always rests with your insurance provider. Contact your employer’s human resources department or your insurance company for more details.

Q: How do I know what my dental insurance benefits are?

We check benefits for our patients when there is a question regarding specific treatment. Ultimately, it is your responsiblity to understand your benefits. Check with your insurance company to get a breakdown of benefits. Some of the benefit levels you need know are:

Plan Year: Does your insurance follow a calendar year? If not, what month and day does your plan year start and end?

Yearly Maximum: What is your annual maximum benefit dollar amount?

Waiting Periods/Age Limitaions: Are there any waiting periods for benefits to begin or age limitations?

Frequencies: How often does your plan cover cleanings, exam, radiographs, fluoride and sealants?

Composite Restorations: Does your plan reduce coverage to the rate of old-fashioned amalgam or “silver” restoration material?

Percent Coverage: What percent does your insurance cover for Basic and Major dental work?

Q: My dental insurance has changed; what should I do?

Most employers distribute new insurance cards occasionally without changing the plan. Sometimes a plan changes without the distribution of new cards or a new group number. If your plan changes or you have a new insurance carrier, please call us at 214-398-2545 and let us know about these changes right away. We can update your chart before your next appointment. This will allow us to file insurance claims on your behalf and present anticipated out-of-pocket estimates for proposed treatment.

If you have any questions regarding your visit to our office please do not hesitate to call us or email us. Our well trained staff would be happy to help you and answer any questions you have.